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CelebMe knows without their representatives, Celebrities will struggle to get gigs. We understand this and give you the lions share of the commission and we just take a small cut.

Become a Celebme partner by referring your talent!

Apply here and we’ll be in touch within 72 hours. Then sit back and enjoy 10% commission for every video created!

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More people than you think want videos from you. We are so much more than video greetings: everyday, fans use CelebMe to send pep talks, congratulations, jokes and so much more ❤️

Record and send directly from your phone - we’ll fix the rest!

More than just a greeting

CelebMe cover everything from marriage proposals to corporate collaborations and coachings – a personal gift that turns fans into superfans.

All requests in one place

Chaos in your inbox? We’ll make it structured and flexible. The availability is appreciated by fans and over 95% of celebs are rated 5 out of 5 stars.

No strings attached

You decide when you are available, which videos you want to make and you always have seven days to record and deliver your memmos.

Payment or charity

Almost all CelebMe videos are gifts and therefore it is not the fans who pay. The price means the requests are well thought out.

CelebMe is one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. Actors, athletes and creators from all across the world are already on board – join in and create the entertainment of the future:

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